Up to day 58!

Yes I’m over half way now with this project. Though I must confess I don’t get one done every day… sometimes have to catch up. But the main thing is I’m keeping on doing them, and I am enjoying the unexpected results that are happening.

Landscape Painting Day ThirtyThree Landscape Painting Day ThirtyNine Landscape Painting Day FiftyCheck out the project so far on 100 Days Project

Also check out my friend Jill Butler’s progress with her idea for the project.

Hope you’re all enjoying creativity in your lives!


Day 26 of the 100 Day Challenge…

Well we’re up to day 26 and yes I’m still painting 🙂 I have been using a variety of mediums on the 130mm square pieces of wood – acrylic paint, oil pastels, chalk pastels and coloured water pencils and the odd bit of black marker pen!

Some days you have to work quickly to get something done or else it just won’t happen! But those days can produce exciting unexpected results.

Here are some from the collection, but check the rest of mine out on : 100daysproject.co.nz

Landscape Painting Day SixLandscape Painting Day NineLandscape Painting Day Sixteen

100 Days Project 2014 underway…

I’m taking on the challenge again this year, and am more organised with what I’m doing – creating small landscape images on 130mm wooden squares.

So far I’ve used water colour pencils for day one, then chalk pastels for day two.
My aim is to use a variety of mediums and explore, without being precious, scenery on a small scale.

Day One:

Landscape painting


Day Two:

Landscape Painting Day Two

More Painting exploration

Day 14 – 21 has been about exploring acrylic painting, dealing with cheap bristle brushes that leave the bristles in the painting… in fact one completely fell to bits with great chunks of the bristle coming out!

Painting acrylic1 Painting acrylic2Painting acrylic3I have now purchased a set of nylon brushes, so will see how they work for me.
And of course more paint – nothing worse than running out of your favourite colours!

Painting trials

Day 9 – 13 has seen me using acrylic paints. I’m trying to get used to them and make them do what I see in my minds eye. Sometimes it works and other times not… very frustrating. I like the fact that they dry quickly and I can rework over the paint soon to create layers.

Painting acrylic4 Painting acrylic5When you keep going things can happen. I’m getting closer – and coffee helps!

Playing with old materials

Well day 8 of the Challenge became a bit of a challenge… I didn’t want to do more doodles, so I rummaged around in my studio and found some inspiration in some art materials I hadn’t used for a while. I used charcoal sticks, oil pastels, chalk pastels, and coloured pencils :

Doodle-day-8aThe oil pastels were frustrating as they weren’t doing what I wanted them to do – ha ha – blame the materials not the user! So I’m only showing a bit of that piece: Doodle-day-8b Doodle-day-8cIt was fun to play with these mediums and they have given me something to explore further.